Saturday, July 24, 2010

local/euro Bike Art Show

Maybe you're thinking, "What! Another Bike Art show?" Well, the answer is YES! With an interesting new twist. Andy Powell (of Little & Co) organized a group poster show where local artists create a European themed bike art print. The results are super cool and Stillwater is an amazing little gem of a town. Check it out!

The Bikery
, bakery + bike shop
904 4th Street South
Stillwater, MN

Some of the artists in the show:
(check out the title link for a full listing)
Amy Jo
Adam Turman

DC Ice
Jennifer Levreault
Peet Fetsch
Scott Thares / Wink

Poster by Amy Jo

Friday, July 23, 2010


I have an art show! Its at the Miyagi Hair Salon on Hennepin.

Know what's funny? For the first couple of years I lived in MPLS,
I thought the MOA stood for the Museum of Art. So people
were always talking about going to the MOA, and taking their
family to the MOA, and spending the whole day at the MOA,
and I would think; "Wow, people here really dig art.
I should have a show at a hair salon!"

These two prints were made for this show.
Its a nice looking space. It's no MOA, but what is, right?



Marc Maron is funny, and he knows lots of other funny people
and they often get together in his garage and make fun of
the rest of us. AND WE LISTEN!
(not really, I mean, we listen but he's not MEAN or anything.
It's a very interesting podcast. And we at WMW highly recommend it!)

Google him or go to Stand Up! Records dot com and buy his album.


Learning Curve Records Does it again!!
2 birthdays in 2 years!! whoooo!
And we were happy to be a part of this blessed,
joyous (and probably drunken) event.
(Yes, the devil drives a dune buggy...keep that in mind.)

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Welcome Fried Bologna Vintage to 13th Avenue NE!

Who Made Who will be open Special Summer Hours in honor of the Fried Bologna Vintage Store Grand Opening! (click the title link for the Fried Bologna Facebook event page)

Saturday, July 10 * 12 - 4PM
Sunday, July 11 * 12 - 4PM

158 13th Avenune NE MPLS!!