Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Who Made Who 4th Annual Holiday Sale & Studio Anniversary

Who Made Who 4th Annual Holiday Sale &
Studio Anniversary! Expanded to 2 Days:
Sat Dec 10 12-7PM & Sun Dec 11 12-5PM
Doorbuster Sales from 12-1PM. Bargains,
Cupcakes, and Prizes. Stop by and say Hi!
158 13th Avenue NE . . . . . . . . . . . . MPLS

& another great reason to shop 13th Avenue
NE this season: 20% off at Fried Bologna
Vintage next door!

Check the Who Made Who facebook page
for sales updates!

No Coast Craft-o-Rama!!

The one and only No Coast Craft-o-Rama! Our
favorite time of year. Xmas cheer, great friends
and customers, and the best enchiladas in town!
Friday 3pm-8pm & Saturday 9am-5pm. Free!
MIDTOWN GLOBAL MARKET . . . . . . . . . . . MPLS
click here for the No Coast facebook event page!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Foiled Again

Foiled Again recently celebrated their landmark ten year anniversary! My hair is one of the only things I can always count on looking good. Thanks largely in part to Foiled Again owner, Michele Vevang.

Here are some process pics of the limited edition screenprints I created for the event (available in person at the salon). This was a 4 color print with transparent inks to create extra overlapping colors. It worked out exactly as I hoped, which is always a sweet surprise when it comes to screenprinting!

mixing inks

4 films

blue layer

magenta screen

blue and trans magenta

blue, trans magenta, trans yellow

Thursday, September 15, 2011


I haven't printed it yet but it's for X!
How can you beat that?
check out more info at -
This tour includes a screening of the long lost movie THE UNHEARD MUSIC and the band playing the album LOS ANGELES in its entirety! AND WE GET TO MEET THEM. No, I am not above complete fan geekery (at least when it comes to a band like X.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Congratulations to Jeremy Lindvig who was the first
to find our mystery spot!

Monday, August 22, 2011


Its easy! (sort of) and I guess living in MPLS might help,
but it's simple (relatively) FIND this location, be the
FIRST to take a picture of yourself there, EMAIL me
that picture ( and WIN
a free book.

TOOTH: The Graphic Art of Dale Flattum

25 Years in the making!
(is that even possible?) Hmm...let's skip the math and say it is.
TOOTH: The Graphic Art of Dale Flattum is a 256 page, offset printed, perfect bound labor of immense LOVE. It's nearly every black & white graphic I've ever made and comes with a CD of 72 minutes of musical projects I've been involved with. To say I'm happy that the book is complete would be...well, it would be an epic understatement of global proportions.


Friday, July 8, 2011

Pink Mink Record Release

Amy Jo had the pleasure of working with Pink Mink designing and concepting the artwork for their first full length release. We love Pink Mink! This record is pretty amazing. If you're seen them live, you know how good it will be even if you haven't heard it yet. If you haven't seen them live yet, what is your problem? RUN down to Harriet Island and get on that boat! This is going to be the coolest release party ever. Pretty much anything on a boat, with music and booze is the best thing ever in my book. But Pink Mink on a boat? THE BEST.

Cover Art
CD clear jewel case with lots of pink in the tray

So here's a quick little peak into the screenprinting process. I printed 50 Posters of the cover artwork for Pink Mink and a few APs for myself. As well as some mini 6" prints I gave the band to do what they will with.

Let me just preface this by saying that I've been screenprinting for about ten years. That's a long time, right? Not so much in the world of screenprinting. Rookie mistakes abound. Plus the heat and humidity were working against me.

Day 1 (Saturday): Get films. Oopsie, Burlesque is out of film. Wait til Monday when NW Graphic Supply opens.

Day 2 (Monday): Wes Brlsq confirms film has been acquired. Ben Brlsq helps me load the film. Jodi Brlsq keeps me company while the films print and print. So far so good.

Head on over to Who Made Who and burn screens. 1st screen washes out completely. Everything. All the emulsion. Why? Who knows. Let's try another screen. 2nd screen burns beautifully. We are seriously short on screens at the moment. Will have to clean and recoat screens to be able to burn more screens.Call it quits for the day due to the heat.

Day 3 (Tuesday)
Print the Yellow Ink layer. Everything is a breeze. This poster will be done today.

Start printing the Pink Ink Layer. Say Pink Ink for Pink Mink twelve times fast.

Looking Pretty Good!
POP! The screen popped about 20 prints in to the run! Yikes! If you've ever had a screen pop while printing, it's kinda scary.

Now we are seriously low on screens since I just destroyed 2 of them. Need to wait a few days and get some screens in order.

Day 4 (Friday)
POP! The Black screen popped only 2 prints in to the run! WTF? FTW! Time for a break and try this thing in the morning.

Day 5 (Saturday)
Printing the black was challenging as one little spot didn't quite burn, so I dabbed it with a little paintbrush dipped in black ink. Just another bit of the hand showing in the making of a handmade poster!

Final Poster 18 x 18
6 inch mini art prints

Monday, May 23, 2011

Five Dollar Poster Sale

The Great Occasional Who Made Who Five Dollar Poster* Sale kicks off June 2 in conjunction with NEMAA First Thursday Gallery Stroll from 5-9pm. And then continues on all weekend Friday, June 3 from 5-9pm and Saturday, June 4 from 12-5pm. Free homemade treats.**

*$5 Scratch & Dent Posters + the $1 Bin is Back!
**while supplies last!

To Recap:
$5 Poster Sale
Who Made Who
158 13th Avenue NE MPLS
June 2 5-9PM
June 3 5-9PM
June 4 12-5PM

Friday, May 20, 2011


Friday May 20 5-10pm
Saturday May 21 12-8pm
Sunday May 22 12-5pm

Join us for our 4th year at Art-A-Whirl, the premiere Northeast Minneapolis Studio Crawl. 13th Avenue NE is gonna be hoppin' this year and we'll be waiting for you to stop by! Free mini cupcakes while supplies last.

Look! We are the featured Partner of the minute:

Be sure to check out Grumpy's NE Backyard Bash this Saturday, May 21. Poster by TOOTH! The Huckleberries, Pink Mink, Seawhores, and Hammerhead... just to namecheck some of the awesome reasons to meet us there!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Celebrate the Repeal of Prohibition!

78 Years of Legal Beer, Wine and Booze!
April 7 1933-2011. Local brewery heroes
and masters, Summit Brewing Company,
commissioned Miss Amy Jo to design and
screenprint the Repeal Poster for 2011.
Enjoy these process pics and Enjoy your

Posters are available for purchase HERE.

2011 Repeal of Prohibition Poster by Amy Jo
This is what 500 posters looks likeThis is what the stack looks like 2 and 1/2 hours later
Hand Screenprinting is a S L O W process
Oh No! Dropped pizza in the ink. Luckily, this was the leftover ink.
No pizza ingredients were included in the printing of this poster.
Red Screen (cell phone skewed the colors)
First Color was a subtle shimmery mustard
Second Color was a Bold Red
(cell phone skewed the colors)
After hand-pulling 800 prints (all of the 1st color and half the 2nd color), we ran into some technical glitches. Our vacuum table burned out and the holes on the table got clogged.
Wheee... Screenprinting is fun!
Black Screen / Final ColorPrinted posters on the drying rack
(cell phone skewed colors)Sign, Number, Stamp 500 posters
Sign, Number, Stamp
Sign, Number, Stamp
Sign, Number, Stamp
Yeah for Legal Booze!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Artcrank 2011: Poster Party for Bike People!
Opening Reception: 5PM to 12AM at Shelter
. Bike Valet, Chowgirls vittles, Music
by The Book of Right On, beers and tattoos?!
Oh and don’t forget to check out the bicycle
posters made by 41 local artists. Good times
are guaranteed. Show continues at One on
and Bicycle Theory. More details here:
2112 BDWY ST . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NE MPLS

-->Click here for the Facebook Event Page

Sneak peak of Amy Jo's 2011 Artcrank Poster

Friday, March 4, 2011

Unglued: Fargo's First Indie Craft Fair

After the Fargo Film Festival, head on over to the
American Legion for Unglued - Fargo’s first indie
craft fest! Stop by the Who Made Who booth &
say hi. Free admission. Saturday 9AM - 4PM.
505 3rd Avenue north . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FARGO

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fargo Film Festival

Amy Jo was honored and delighted to be commissioned
to create the artwork for the 11th Fargo Film Festival!
She also created a poster for director Guy Maddin, who
is appearing March 4th at the Festival. We can’t wait to
return to my old stomping grounds to spend a night at
the Historic Fargo Theatre with Guy Maddin!
FARGO. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . NORTH DAKOTA

Some Process Pics from Screenprinting the Posters.
Fargo Film Festival Poster: First Color - Light Blue
Why Blue? I just like Blue and it reminds me of snow and Fargo is snowy. Plus I wanted to make an orange poster for this project and the blue helps balance out the bright orange and will hopefully make for a neat overprint.

Second Color: Transparent Orangeorange overprints the blue to make a nice greenish-grey

Black layer film on the light exposure table. The cow projector idea came up kind of by accident. I was playing around with a vintage film projector and an image of a buffalo and thought what if I hung an animal head on the projector? Almost like taxidermy, and a nod to the farmers of North Dakota. My Dad was a grain farmer but our neighbor was a cow farmer.Final prints in the Drying Rack
Guy Maddin Poster: Blue Hands (based on Greg Carlson's suggestion, artwork inspired by Cowards Bend the Knee)

Guy Maddin Poster: Black Ink, tons. Based on the few Guy Maddin films I've seen, the imagery is dark. Not just figuratively, but literally black and white film.

Final color, metallic silver overprint. The pattern holds the two posters together visually. The use use of silver is in keeping with the black and white (vintage silver screen) film motif. The registration on this was super tricky for hand screenprinting, but I was able to pull it off. TOOTH calls it stunt printing!