Friday, April 29, 2011

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Celebrate the Repeal of Prohibition!

78 Years of Legal Beer, Wine and Booze!
April 7 1933-2011. Local brewery heroes
and masters, Summit Brewing Company,
commissioned Miss Amy Jo to design and
screenprint the Repeal Poster for 2011.
Enjoy these process pics and Enjoy your

Posters are available for purchase HERE.

2011 Repeal of Prohibition Poster by Amy Jo
This is what 500 posters looks likeThis is what the stack looks like 2 and 1/2 hours later
Hand Screenprinting is a S L O W process
Oh No! Dropped pizza in the ink. Luckily, this was the leftover ink.
No pizza ingredients were included in the printing of this poster.
Red Screen (cell phone skewed the colors)
First Color was a subtle shimmery mustard
Second Color was a Bold Red
(cell phone skewed the colors)
After hand-pulling 800 prints (all of the 1st color and half the 2nd color), we ran into some technical glitches. Our vacuum table burned out and the holes on the table got clogged.
Wheee... Screenprinting is fun!
Black Screen / Final ColorPrinted posters on the drying rack
(cell phone skewed colors)Sign, Number, Stamp 500 posters
Sign, Number, Stamp
Sign, Number, Stamp
Sign, Number, Stamp
Yeah for Legal Booze!