Friday, July 8, 2011

Pink Mink Record Release

Amy Jo had the pleasure of working with Pink Mink designing and concepting the artwork for their first full length release. We love Pink Mink! This record is pretty amazing. If you're seen them live, you know how good it will be even if you haven't heard it yet. If you haven't seen them live yet, what is your problem? RUN down to Harriet Island and get on that boat! This is going to be the coolest release party ever. Pretty much anything on a boat, with music and booze is the best thing ever in my book. But Pink Mink on a boat? THE BEST.

Cover Art
CD clear jewel case with lots of pink in the tray

So here's a quick little peak into the screenprinting process. I printed 50 Posters of the cover artwork for Pink Mink and a few APs for myself. As well as some mini 6" prints I gave the band to do what they will with.

Let me just preface this by saying that I've been screenprinting for about ten years. That's a long time, right? Not so much in the world of screenprinting. Rookie mistakes abound. Plus the heat and humidity were working against me.

Day 1 (Saturday): Get films. Oopsie, Burlesque is out of film. Wait til Monday when NW Graphic Supply opens.

Day 2 (Monday): Wes Brlsq confirms film has been acquired. Ben Brlsq helps me load the film. Jodi Brlsq keeps me company while the films print and print. So far so good.

Head on over to Who Made Who and burn screens. 1st screen washes out completely. Everything. All the emulsion. Why? Who knows. Let's try another screen. 2nd screen burns beautifully. We are seriously short on screens at the moment. Will have to clean and recoat screens to be able to burn more screens.Call it quits for the day due to the heat.

Day 3 (Tuesday)
Print the Yellow Ink layer. Everything is a breeze. This poster will be done today.

Start printing the Pink Ink Layer. Say Pink Ink for Pink Mink twelve times fast.

Looking Pretty Good!
POP! The screen popped about 20 prints in to the run! Yikes! If you've ever had a screen pop while printing, it's kinda scary.

Now we are seriously low on screens since I just destroyed 2 of them. Need to wait a few days and get some screens in order.

Day 4 (Friday)
POP! The Black screen popped only 2 prints in to the run! WTF? FTW! Time for a break and try this thing in the morning.

Day 5 (Saturday)
Printing the black was challenging as one little spot didn't quite burn, so I dabbed it with a little paintbrush dipped in black ink. Just another bit of the hand showing in the making of a handmade poster!

Final Poster 18 x 18
6 inch mini art prints