Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Notstock 2009

Who Made Who will be closed this week while Amy Jo & TOOTH travel to Minot, North Dakota for Notstock 2009.

What is Notstock? It's a 3 day live art and music event at Minot State University featuring Art Chantry, Jeff Johnson, Amy Jo, TOOTH, and Bjorn Christianson. Much fun will be had, art will be printed, history will be made. Check out the schedule: live music, speaking engagements, and artist receptions!

We are jus
t a little bit bummed though to be spending this weekend away from Minneapolis. Because check out all the great stuff we made for shows happening this weekend!

Drummer: Thursday, October 22 @ The Entry (poster by Amy Jo)

78 Summit: Saturday, October 24 @ Polish National Catholic School in NE (poster by TOOTH)

Private Dancer 7" record release show with Mighty Mofos & Grant Hart: Saturday, October 24 @ Turf Club (poster by Amy Jo)

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devetron said...

The noble bear makes another appearance. Awesome.