Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mark Mallman Marathon 3

Limited Edition hand screenprinted Who Made Who posters available at the show for only $10!

Local hero Mark Mallman presents a 78 hour non-stop performance split into three 26-hour phases: A Giant Wave, Blood Flow and Liquid Moth, with the assistance of over 75 local musicians.

Where: Turf Club, Saint Paul
When: 4pm Thursday through 10pm Sunday
Why: Because

Our friends at L'etoile report that Mister Mallman has been preparing for his 78 hour music marathon by jogging and stretching out his sleep patterns. Taking a cue from Mallman, we decided not to sleep for 78 hours while making the poster! Too bad though that Dale fell asleep and missed his 5:30am flight and I got sick! Next time maybe we will try jogging. The design is inspired by Mallman's own words: "a metamorphosis of boot-stomping rock and roll and whirlwind synth-scapes." We sure hope Mister Mallman fares better than we did. Luckily, the poster turned out just great.

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