Saturday, June 2, 2012

Greetings from Fargo

Greetings from Fargo was made in conjunction with the Jubileum! exhibition at the Plains Art Museum.

The images are (from L to R):
F - Hotel Donaldson. While I was in college the Hotel Donaldson was known as a  hotel for hobos. Now referred to as the HoDo,  the building has been renovated into an upscale restarant, bar, and art hotel where my cousin got married last fall. Their iconic sign has remained the same for all uses.
A - The Plains Art Museum is now a renowned art museum, but was originally an International Harvester warehouse.
A - I have always loved Fargo's own Statue of Liberty. A 1/19th scale replica of the Statue of Liberty was purchased by the Lions Club in 1952.
R - Train Depot. Dale & I are kinda obsessed with Amtrak. More people should travel by train. 
G - Fargo Civic Center - So many memories! Joan Jett, Pink Floyd Laser Light Show, and many High School basketball tournaments. Note the Bison statue, which I made sure to get in there on behalf of the NDSU Bison, a huge source of pride in North Dakota.
O - The Fargo Theatre, an art deco movie theatre in downtown Fargo that was built in 1926. A true landmark that still burgeons with great entertainment. 

Most of the illustrations were made from photos I took in college and some photos Dale took on our many visits to Fargo.
--Amy Jo

Here are some shots from our studio during the making of the Greetings from Fargo screenprinted art prints:
manual printing table
Dale made this table in Adam Turman's garage!
films on the light exposure table
exposing the screen
washing out the stencil with a powerwasher
detail of the stencil
the darkroom
Dale made this screen rack from an old loft he found in the alley!
moving on up 
the first screen I ever owned alongside our current screen size
mixing the first color
blue ink on the screen
the first color on the drying rack
mixing the 2nd color - making it a bit transparent to create a 3rd color

the second color on the screen
the second color on the drying rack
black ink on the screen
the final printed pieces on the drying rack

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