Saturday, June 2, 2012


16 FEBRUARY -  3 JUNE                        ART
The Screenprinted Art of Miss Amy Jo
A retrospective museum exhibition celebrating
my first ten years of graphic design and screen-
printing. FREE & open to the public.
PLAINS ART MUSEUM . . . . . . . . . . FARGO

Jubileum! is coming to a close this weekend. It
was such a pleasure to have my work hanging
in a Museum in Fargo, which I still call 'home.'
Jubileum! means anniversary or celebration in
Norwegian, a nod to my Scandinavian heritage.
I grew up on a farm 30 miles south of Fargo so
we went to Fargo at least once a week to shop,
eat, and be entertained. I lived in Fargo for one
year after High School before living in Portland
for one brief year. As much as I loved Portland,
I was terribly homesick and Fargo seemed much
better after being away from it for a while.

I lived in Fargo for another 8 years while attending
college at Moorhead State University (now known
as Minnesota State University Moorhead). Yes, it
took me forever to finish college. I moonlighted
promoting indie rock shows with Bjorn. We called
our little outfit "Team Fargo" and those days were
some of the most memorable musical experiences
I've ever had. Fitz of Depression, The Make-Up,
KARP, Bikini Kill, Excuse 17. The list goes on.
For each show we booked, we made a little zine
and of course photocopied flyers. And with that,
a career was born. I changed my status at college
from Undeclared to Art.

At one point in my duration in Fargo, I lived across
the street from the Plains Art Museum. As an under-
grad majoring in Graphic Design, I never dreamed
that one day I would be able to show my art in that
very building. I only wish my Dad was still around
to help me celebrate.

As I wound down my days in Fargo, I was hired on
as a graphic designer at the High Plains Reader, the
Red River Valley's only alternative source of news
and entertainment. My boss was Raul Gomez, who
became a friend I will always hold dear to my heart.
Raul and the High Plains Reader were kind enough
to sponsor an opening reception at the Plains Art
Museum on February 16, 2012. I gave a slideshow
presentation. My family asked all sorts of awesome
questions and I think a good time was had by all!

I sincerely want to thank Cody Jacobson at the Plains,
Raul Gomez at the High Plains Reader, and last but
not least my husband, Dale "TOOTH" Flattum.
--Amy Jo

Some process photos from the making of the Jubileum! 
screenprinted show poster:

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